Why we photograph the Wedding Rings and maybe your Wedding Photographer should too

Wedding Ring shots we have always felt are an important aspect of wedding photography. They are important because of their significance as a symbol of Marriage. As such, they tell an aspect of the wedding day story that we feel is unmatched by any of the other wedding details, like the bride’s shoes even the bouquet, garter etc.

I recently had a conversation with another Wedding Photographer and they were telling me how we should drop shooting the wedding rings, they don’t do them anymore due to having to own a macro lens specifically for the job and due to it being in their words too much hassle. They explained that they found it difficult to arrange with clients to have the rings ready to shoot, that it took too much time away from the rest of their prep images and that none of their clients ever had an issue with them not shooting them. We always take on board advice given by colleagues, it would be silly not too, but it’s also important as a photographer we find our own way of doing things that fits in best with the way that we work. When we deliver a client’s images it’s important to us that the images tell a story of the day and the rings for us will always be a big part of that. However we will always work around what our clients want and if one of our couple’s didn’t want us to shoot them, we wouldn’t.

I also couldn’t really agree that wedding ring shots take too much time, as we include them as part of our planning for our prep images the time is already there and it’s never been the case were shooting the rings has held us up from shooting the rest of the prep images we shoot at every wedding. We have also never found it to be difficult to make arrangements to get access to shoot the wedding rings. We usually shoot them while doing the rest of the bridal prep and then if no one else is available we bring the rings with us to the ceremony to pass on to the best man. (Ring delivery service is included in every wedding package, ha ha)

We can appreciate the other photographer’s point of view though as we all work differently and yes camera equipment can be prohibitively expensive and if you are having to purchase a macro lens just for rings shots it may not seem like a worthwhile investment to some, especially if you are just starting out or if you are one of the many people advertising themselves as a Wedding Photographer but Wedding Photography is not a full time occupation. There is nothing written in stone though about how you shoot the rings and while yes we have a macro lens that we use a lot for our wedding ring shots, this image for example was taken with a normal 35mm lens which we tend to use a lot for other things especially for group shots for example. Being creative in the way that you shoot is much more important than the equipment you have.

While this may seem like a bit of a contradiction, as a full time professional photographer it does make life easier if you have the right tool for the job the same as in any other field. A macro lens can be useful for wedding ring shots in particular as it allows you to get really close to the subject but if we didn’t have one we would just find another way to shoot them.

So for now we will continue with including photographs of the wedding rings for all of our clients unless they decide to opt out of having them. We are always interested to hear other people’s opinions though so if you think they aren’t required and shouldn’t be included or agree with us that that they remain an important part of the wedding day story feel free to leave a comment below.