Puppy Update Day! Week 6

Well this week has flown in, hard to believe it's puppy update day again or Wednesday as everyone else knows it.

Our two little ladies and the wee man have come on leaps and bounds this week. They are now at probably the most fun stage, full of mischief and getting more and more adventurous by the day.

They seemed to enjoy there little run about through the Autumn leaves.

Hard to believe that this little fella has been chasing our Japanese Akita round the house all week.


The little lady above has been Mrs.Purephotoni's favourite from the start.

This pretty little lady is a firm favourite with the kids and they have already went ahead and named her Cookie. It's going to be difficult letting them go but with 4 dogs already it's just not practical for us to keep them so unfortunately we will be advertising for new homes for them from today. :(