Northern Ireland Engagement Photography - Lurgan Park

We met up recently with Megan & Robert at Lurgan Park for their Engagement Session. They are getting married early in the New Year at the Loughshore Hotel in Carrickfergus and then they are of on an exciting trip to Egypt for their honeymoon. Lurgan Park is the largest urban park in Northern Ireland and we have visited it a few times before. It’s at its best at this time of the year due to the wonderful Autumnal colours and was the perfect backdrop for Megan & Roberts Engagement Session.

The park is home to a 59 acre man made lake. At the time of its construction the lake was one of the largest hand dug lakes in Northern Ireland. It was during its construction that the term “Lurgan Spade” came into use. The workmen who were digging the lake worked for 1 1/2d to 3d a day, much less than the ordinary rate of wages at the time. The workers were known as the Spades and due to the unpleasant nature of the work and their meagre rewards they were repudiated to be particularly sombre. As a result anyone who looks downtrodden or forlorn is to this day described as “having a face like a Lurgan spade”. There was no "faces like a Lurgan spade" during our shoot though and we had a lot of fun spending the morning with Megan & Robert.


While walking around Lurgan Park with Megan & Robert we came across this little guy, how cute is he :)