What should you wear for an engagement or portrait session?

The most common question we get asked when couples book us for an engagement or family portrait session is “What clothes should we wear for our session?”

Firstly, and most importantly only wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Don’t buy a new outfit that you haven’t worn before, because if you don’t feel confident wearing it, there is always the chance that this will show in the photographs from your session. Conversely, if you are wearing clothes that you are comfortable in, you will feel much more confident about your session, this will really show in your photographs and you will find the whole experience much more enjoyable.

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Match your outfit to the location for your session. For example, if you have chosen to have your session at a local park that has lots of tree’s, don’t wear predominantly green coloured clothes. If your session is taking place in an upscale location, make sure your outfit matches that and it may be time to, suit up! If you have chosen a beach or forest area, casual clothes will be a much better fit.

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Don’t match up your clothing. Thankfully the days of everyone wearing matching jumpers for their photo shoot are long behind us. Having contrasting outfits will add interest to your photographs.

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Avoid wearing clothes with large complex patterns, large logo’s and branding and overly busy patterns, these will look distracting in your photographs.

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