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Belfast Engagement Photography

What is an engagement session?

Engagement photography is simply a portrait session for you and your fiancé. Sometimes couples decide on an engagement session for a specific reason. For example, many choose an image from the session to use on a signing frame for their wedding, for save the date cards or wedding invitations. It is also an excellent opportunity to have some professional photos of the two of you together to remember this special time in your lives.

Engagement Photography Belfast

How does the session work?

First, you need to choose a location and a time that is going to work for you. Come the day of the actual shoot instead of walking from place to place and going through a set of posed shots we like to walk, stop, and shoot along the way with the aim being to capture real moments between you in a natural and unforced way. We will give you some direction to help get the most from the session but we will start with simple things like asking you to walk towards us, talking to each other, sharing jokes etc. This is exactly how we work when it comes to photographing a wedding as well, so the session will give you a good idea of what to expect when it comes to your wedding day.

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How do you pick a location for your engagement shoot?

You may already have a place in mind, somewhere that is important to you both as a couple. It is always a more meaningful session when the clients have a connection to the place we are working in. However if you need us to offer some suggestions, we are always happy to help.

When is the best time to have the session?

The best time of day for this type of session is early morning or late afternoon. This is because the sun can cause harsh shadows when it is high in the sky. In terms of weekend availability we do not shoot engagement sessions on Saturday’s as it is our busiest day of the week, but we do have some Sunday availability.

What should we wear for our engagement shoot?

The most important thing to bear in mind is that you need to feel comfortable so keep those big heels at home ladies as we tend to walk around a lot. Don’t match up your outfits, it isn’t a good look. Avoid clothes with overly complicated designs, complicated patterns or large graphics and logos.

N.I Engagement Photography

Can we bring our kids, what about our pets?

If you want to bring along your children or a pet, yes we can include them in your session. However, we would suggest that is not always a good idea. If you decide to bring your children or your pet along you will also need to bring along someone else to look after them and it will be much more difficult for you to relax and enjoy the session. We also discourage the use of props. We want your session to be about you as a couple and props like signs etc. take away from that and won’t add anything meaningful.

We hate having our photograph taken. Can you help?

We have photographed hundreds of couples at least 99% of them have said the same thing so don’t worry that is completely normal. We will help by not asking you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. We will not be as asking you to go through hundreds of awkward poses. We will use our experience to put you at ease and help you along. We have never photographed an engagement session that wasn’t a huge amount of fun.

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