A friend forwarded me this article about a photographer who had there laptop stolen, and as a result of that a couple losing their entire set of wedding photos. I really feel for them. Its not like any amount of insurance, or reshooting a staged wedding will ever bring that back. Even if they could recreate it exactly they’d still know. Deep down, every time they looked at their photos they’d know. This sort of story seems to come up all to often at the moment. And sadly its all to easy to prevent.

So I think it worth talking again about why photographers, on the face of it can seem expensive. Hopefully by the time you’ve read this it’ll become clear we offer an excellent service that offers real value for money. And you’ll also be a little clearer about why you’re never going to read about your wedding photos being stolen from the back of a car.

Lets be honest about this. Everybody has a budget and organising a wedding isn’t a cheap thing, nor is it easy to do. On the face of it good suppliers seen expensive. But as one well know lager brand has used as its advertising slogan in the past I think they’re ‘reassuringly expensive’. From a my perspective as a wedding photographer the amount I charge lets me provide you with the service you deserve.

As well as photographing your wedding. In a way you’ll treasure forever and taken some jaw dropping, beautiful photographs of your day. I’ll be as unobtrusive and build such a rapport with your guests they’ll forget I’m there. Thats on your wedding day itself, but there is an awful lot going on, that you’ll never see and that goes into my providing an excellent service for you.

One of those things is making sure I’ve a good backup of your photos. Right from the moment I press the shutter I make sure that I use cameras with two memory card slots. Straight away there are two copies of your photos. Even as I’m working there always two copies of your photos.  So even if something happens to one of the copies I’ve still got another.

Of course I’m carrying two cameras all the time as well. Partly that is because I like working with two. But mainly that is because even expensive electronic equipment can and does fail. If that happens you’ll never notice anything wrong.

After I have left your wedding and arrived home, while your guests are still partying the night away with you, pretty much the first thing I’ll do when I get in (aside from having a well deserved cup of tea) is make sure I have copied your photographs onto my server and started that server backing up. As well as a local backup everything goes off to an online backup as well. So by the time you have finished your evening and having a very good time, there is at least five different copies of your photographs. You’re never worried by this and I think that's the way it should be. That does mean though that you photographs are safe and well looked after. Most importantly it does mean I’ll never come to you, apologising for losing the only copy of your photos, or having had them stolen from the back of the car. All there will be for you to worry about is making the seemingly impossible decision as to which ones of your stunning wedding photographs you’d like in the album.

This is just one, of the many things that I do, that hopefully you’ll never see that all go towards making sure I give you the service you deserve. Hopefully this will go a little way to explaining why on the face of it photographers can seem expensive but, I think, are remarkably good value for money.

If you’d like to have a chat about the services I offer as part of your wedding photography my phone number is 07936 576837. I am always more then happy to answer any questions you have.