Does the perfect photograph, have to be perfect?

In my experience no surprisingly it really doesn’t. I am sure many other photographers can relate to this. It’s often a surprise after completing a wedding, a portrait or even a shoot with a model what other people’s opinions are on the best images. Even with my clients, it is often the case when I send their images that I am surprised by what they choose as their favourites. What they feel is best, is often different from what I feel is best.

I really shouldn’t be surprised though, because I do exactly the same thing with images I have taken for myself. For example this image below is absolutely my favourite image of my youngest daughter, Abbie. Looking at it as a photographer, technically it’s a poor image. The background is too busy, composition isn’t great, and I have even cropped a couple of fingers off. As a father however and even after taking probably thousands of photographs of Abbie, this one still remains my personal favourite even with it’s obvious flaws.

At purephotoni we always try and capture technically great images that show emotion, however clients always focus on the emotional side of an image first and what it means to them and worry about the technical side of things after. As photographers it’s often easy for us to too get caught in the trap of doing it the wrong way around. As a photographer it’s our job to capture the moment, while the technique is obviously an extremely important factor the emotion should always come first.