Just a little snap shot showing some issues I am having with sandisk!


 Christophe B.: Hello, thank you for contacting SanDisk. My name is Christophe B.. Please give me a moment while I look into your question.
 Thomas Blake: I contacted you when I seen that my card had been received and was told your system would update in 3 days however your systems still show that you have not received the card
 Thomas Blake: rma RX846388 
 Christophe B.: hi Thomas, I see you are contacting regarding an RMA. Please allow me a moment to have a look at the RMA. 
 Christophe B.: Thank you very much Thomas. 
 Christophe B.: I noticed that your request has been forwarded to the RMA department to look into this Thomas. 
 Christophe B.: Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. 
 Thomas Blake: What is going on I can see that you signed for it via the tracking
 Christophe B.: We, SanDisk Technical Support, are actually a different department Thomas. We have forwarded all information to the RMA department so that they can look into the issue. Regarding what happened exactly, I'm afraid I cannot give information regarding this. My apologies for that 
 Christophe B.: You should however be updated in the next business days confirming that we received the card, followed by an email with the shipping date and tracking information for the new card. 
 Christophe B.: Is there anything else I may assist you with, Mr. Blake?
 Thomas Blake: This is mental the level of service you are providing me is bordering on the ridiculous. Please note that I have screen grabbed all of our conversations and plan to have this printed in our 3 photography magazines
 Christophe B.: I do understand your frustration in this Mr. Blake and we do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. 
 Thomas Blake: But you appear to be doing nothing to reolve you are supposed to be my customer support contact for your company
 Christophe B.: We are indeed your customer support contact for SanDisk Mr. Blake and we assure you that we do what we can to have this resolved as soon as possible. 
 Thomas Blake: So what are you doing?
 Christophe B.: However, regarding the RMA status, we can only forward all required information to our RMA department, which has happened. We are currently waiting for an update from their side Mr. Blake. 
 Thomas Blake: And when did you request this information?
 Christophe B.: The required information is gathered from within the incident Mr. Blake. We had everything available to do this. 
 Christophe B.: You should get an update via email soon. 
 Thomas Blake: I asked when did you request the information from your rma department?
 Christophe B.: the information was forwarded yesterday Mr. Blake
 Thomas Blake: Yesterday, why so I did not contact you yesterday?
 Christophe B.: You contacted us earlier Mr. Blake. So we followed up on the case in order to resolve this. 
 Christophe B.: Is there anything else I may assist you with, Mr. Blake?
 Thomas Blake: I contacted you on the 11th so why did you not contact your returns department then?
 Christophe B.: I can see that you contacted us on the 12th indeed. We do apologize for the delay caused as the information was forwarded yesterday
 Thomas Blake: Why did it take 2 days for you to request the information from your returns department
 Thomas Blake: I think you are going to be famous Christopher when this all hits our mags
 Christophe B.: I can not explain this delay Mr. Blake and we do apologize for this. However it has been forwarded and at this time there is nothing more we can do from our side to be honest Mr. Blake. As mentioned however, this should be resolved soon. 
 Thomas Blake: You told me the same thing when I contacted you 3 days ago so I am sure you can understand why I have a hard time believing you this time as you told me to wait 3 days
 Christophe B.: I can totally understand you Thomas. However I can assure you that the request has been forwarded to the RMA department. We have to follow certain processes to do this. This has now however been completed. 
 Thomas Blake: Yes but it took you 2 days is this normal procedure?
 Christophe B.: this would not be a normal procedure Mr. Blake. However I cannot explain why in this specific case it took this long. 
 Thomas Blake: Do you have a supervisor that I can talk to about this?
 Christophe B.: I'm afraid our supervisor is not available at this time Mr. Blake. 
 Thomas Blake: okay so you are working unsupervised is that correct?
 Thomas Blake: You take quite a long time to reply Christophe is this normal?
 Christophe B.: No mr. Blake, I said the supervisor is not available at this time. 
 Christophe B.: Regarding the RMA normally on Monday or Tuesday you should be updated. 
 Christophe B.: Is there anything else I may assist you with, Thomas?
 Thomas Blake: So let me get this right you are being supervised but the supervisor is not available how does that work?
 Christophe B.: He is currently in a meeting and not available Mr. Blake. 
 Thomas Blake: Okay so you admit then that you are currently working unsupervised?
 Christophe B.: We are not working unsupervised Mr. Blake. I informed that he is at this time not available. 
 Thomas Blake: How can your supervisor supervise you when he is in a meeting?
 Christophe B.: He is here in meeting via phone Mr. Blake, that is why he currently is not available. 
 Thomas Blake: So in that case you are unsupervised as your supervisor is on the phone
 Thomas Blake: I will wait for your supervisor to finish his call
 Christophe B.: I have no idea when this call will end Thomas. 
 Thomas Blake:  I will wait for your supervisor to finish his call

 Christophe B.: If you'd like, I can request him to call you but I have no time frame when this would be. 
 Thomas Blake: That would not be acceptable I will wait
 Christophe B.: My supervisor will call you as soon as he finishes his call Mr. Blake. 
 Thomas Blake: You just said that you could not give a timescale
 Christophe B.: Exactly, however as soon as he finishes the call he will contact you. 
 Thomas Blake: Will your superviser be happy to have the call recorded as I will be publishing it on one of our websites
 Christophe B.: In this case our supervisor will not call Mr. Blake. In this case we recommend to send an email to support@sandisk.com with your complaints. This will then be reviewed by our management. 
 Thomas Blake: That is not acceptable
 Thomas Blake: I wil wait for your supervisor
 Christophe B.: I'm very sorry Mr. Blake. I'm afraid however I will need to disconnect this chat session. Thank you for contacting SanDisk, and you have a great day, Mr. Blake.
 Christophe B. has disconnected