The future of photo editing software?

I recently watched the video below and was amazed by what as a photographer we can expect in terms of editing software and hardware in the near future. Editing software is a necessary tool for all photographers. In terms of style every photographer has their own methods and way of doing things.

We have a more natural approach, we use all of the editing tools available but try and always keep the integrity of every image by not over using them to the extent were an image is no longer recognisable from the image captured by the camera. That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with photographers that go down a different route it’s just not the route we choose to go down.

When photographers first get and learn to use Photoshop for example, they often are in awe of its capabilities but do not have the skills to use it properly. I was guilty of this too, when I first picked up a camera I was a big fan of adding an extreme vignette to every image, thinking back on it now makes me cringe. As a result, many start out playing with filters and plug in's and overuse them. Sometimes photographers feel Photoshop is all powerful and take images that should have been in a reject pile, and they try to “save” them. As a rule, for us editing tools should not be used to save unacceptable photos. If a photo is out of focus, blown out, severely under-exposed, or has really awkward composition, Photoshop will not make it drastically better.  Used in excess, it can actually make the image worse. As our editing tools become increasingly more powerful and complex it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

I recently took a one-2-one training session with a local hobbyist photographer. I know he won’t mind me talking about it (I checked before writing this) but we will keep his name private. He comes from a graphics design background and there is pretty much nothing he can’t do with Photoshop etc. He came to us however because while technically his images were good and the post production technique was nothing short of superb he felt that there was something missing. After having a look through his recent work and a chat with him what we both felt what was missing was the emotional side of the image, something that even Photoshop can’t add. Mainly his issues came down to the initial composition of the images he was taking as he wasn’t really putting much thought into the actual capturing of his images as he always had it in his mind that whatever he took he could sort out later in Photoshop by creating a composite. While this worked well for some of the work, it was not ideal for every image. He also had a few issues with his technique and knowledge of how to get the best from his equipment.

Hopefully the time spent with us has served him well, I had a chat with him a few days ago and there is a noticeable improvement in his photography which in turn has seen an improvement in the composites he makes using Photoshop. He even told me that for the first time since he began his interest in photography that for the last few weeks he had spent more time shooting than editing which was a big step change for him.

With all that being said the photography world is a large one with something for everyone. So if you’re a couple getting married and are looking for a Northern Ireland wedding photographer who can Photoshop a dinosaur chasing your wedding party, you will easily find one, it just won’t be us.