Do you think you don't need a Wedding Album?

Do you really need a wedding album in today's digital age?

We live in a world were our music is downloaded from the internet, our film and t.v shows are streamed online and the majority of our photographs are displayed on social media rather than in a photo album or on the walls of our homes. 

While doing a bit of a spring clean the other day my wife came across her parents wedding album. We couldn't resist having a quick peek but after having a giggle at the hair styles and clothes it left me with a few questions...

This Wedding Album was made in 1977, that makes it 38 years old. It has survived at least 6 house moves during that time. (Click on the image to view full screen)

The prints inside the album still look very good even after 38 years.

Our customers can either buy a Story Book from us along with there wedding package or come back to us once they have received there digital images. We do this because, firstly weddings are expensive so this helps our customers spread the cost. Also however our customers then have a chance to view all of there images before deciding on if they need an album or not and some time to decide on what images they want to use.

For the customers that decide that they don't need an album, what do they use there images for?

Most seem to do keep them on the usb stick we provide, upload to social media sites like facebook etc. to share with there friends and family and some order a few prints.

Viewing my in-laws album though made me wonder:

Will facebook and social media still be around in 38 years time? Will usb memory still work in 38 years time? Will the people that don't buy an album from us or arrange one elsewhere regret not having one later on down the line? 

While you could say, that yes facebook, Google + and the rest may be long gone in 38 years time, they will be replaced by something else. While usb devices will likely only be found in museums in 38 years time, they will be replaced with other better devices. However will people remember to transfer all there media to whatever the new fad is, or as is more likely will some forget and lose there images forever?

For me personally I am glad that me and my wife have a printed album as a record of our wedding day. We also have the digital images so have the best of both worlds. As a photographer we will continue to give our customers a choice and it's then up to them to decide what meets there needs best.

As a comparison to my in-law's wedding album above I have attached some images of the Story Book we offer to our customers. These are made in Italy and are designed to last for several generations. You can view more images of our Italian story book by clicking here.

Made in Italy these are designed to last generations, the supplier provides a lifetime warranty.

If you need any information about our wedding packages and our Italian Story Book, just give us a call on 07936 576837 or use our contact form to get in touch.