Website Update

We have been working hard over the last week or so to improve our website. While most of the work has gone into improving load times etc. we have also added a new wedding advice category and moved a few things around so that things make more sense when you visit us online. We have also added share buttons to the bottom of all of our blog posts to make it easier for you to share our content on Twitter and Google+ and we will be adding an option for Facebook soon as well.

Hopefully the changes will make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for and make it easier for you to share our content.

A few other areas have been updated with new images like our storybook wedding album sample page and we have added the option for you to be able to download a copy of our electronic brochure.

We think its all went smoothly but if you notice any issues on the site send us an email and let us know.