I read the other day that the current generation will be the most photographed ever. That the average person is now photographed more in a year then their grandparents were in a lifetime. (But, as the saying goes 99% of statistics are made up, so I’m not sure how true that is.) The irony of the most photographed generation ever also being the generation they’ll be no photographs remaining of brought a wry smile.

In the course of my lifetime we’ve gone from computers barely existing, to being phenomenally expensive, to being an everyday essential. And in the time I’ve been a photographer from photos delivered electronically on CD, to DVD, to USB drive and now I’m just starting to flirt with the idea of delivering electronic images solely online.  That means in the last 5 years at least two of those formats have started to become obsolete. Just try using an iMac or a Dell Ultrabook without an optical drive installed and I’m sure others will follow. That's if they haven’t already.

Photographs mean lots to people. They stir all sort of emotions in us. And they last a lifetime.  I can’t imagine a world where photos of previous generation’s  photos didn’t exist either as art, as memories or as things we simply hold dear. But I think thats where we’re heading. I’d take a large bet that we won’t be able to view most, if not all of our photos in 25 years time. Those photos from your wedding, you child’s first steps or first days at school. Or even the photo of you and your mates drunk on holiday that time just after your all graduated. You know the ones I mean. They pick you up sometimes, you share them with your friends and family and they always make you smile. 25 years from now you won’t be able to see them anymore. That thought makes me very sad.

So, a plea. If a photo means a lot. Or its of one of the biggest days of your life. Or it just makes you smile whenever you see it. Print it. Be that in an album, a frame, a fantastic canvas or simply on photo paper. Put it up where you can see it and so can your friends. It means something special and is a thing of value. So celebrate that. Have something you can share with your children and grandchildren. Your photos are worth so much more then being sat on a computer somewhere, shared on Facebook and then forgotten.

It would be easy to sit and be very cynical about the purpose of this post. To think something along the lines of  “Oh, he’s just saying this. He’s a professional photographer and he has a vested interest in selling has many prints and albums as he can.”  Of course I have that self interest. It would be silly to deny that. But thats not the point of this post. The point is simply that if you don’t print those photos that mean a lot they’ll be gone for ever. And probably sooner then you think. So to prove it I’m going to make an offer. Any of the GraphiStudio Young Books albums I supply, l will supply at cost price to the first 3 weddings that book and quote this offer to me. Just to show you’ve read the post in its entirety.

As ever if you’d like to get in touch my phone number is 07936 576837. Or email I look forward to hearing from you soon.