Weddings, bridal and all that jazz

I spent yesterday in the company of 6 models, 2 make up artists, 2 hair stylists and another photographer.

Having been worried about the weather and rightly so, we decided to move the shoot to my studio. It took a couple of hours for the girls and our one male model to get ready and then we were ready to shoot. A quick look out the windows confirmed we made the right decision to stay indoors as the rain was pelting it down.

Half way through the shoot I noticed the sun had appeared so quick as a flash I got everyone together and we headed into Lisburn town centre to the Castle Gardens. Not an ideal location but we made it work for us.

Interestingly after not being there long I bumped into local photographer aka @flixelpix on twitter. I think we ruined David's day as he was out playing with some of his fuji gear. Sorry David.

styled wedding shoot 01
styled wedding shoot 02