Insurance for Photographers

Having recently been in the position were we needed to renew our insurance package including our professional indemnity cover I asked some of my colleagues via various online forums and discussion boards for advice on who they chose as there insurers of choice.

To be honest I was shocked to learn that many  of my long standing colleagues in the industry have decided to ignore what I perceive as something just as important to my business as owning a camera.

Why take a risk?

It just doesn't make any sense too me. Why put yourself as the photographer in such a risky position.

This also left me wondering how there customers would feel if they knew that this was the case.

While I am sure no one likes paying insurance premiums, anyone in business as far as I am concerned really needs to just take the hit on the chin. Insurance is just as important to our customers as it is to us as the photographer.

While it would be great it was free that's never going to be the case!