The Ross Monument Warrenpoint. An American Civil War Hero?

While on my day of today we took the kids for a bit of a drive through the mounrnes and ended up on the Mourne Scenic Route heading towards Rostrevor and Warrenpoint in Co. Down.

As anyone who knows me can testify, when I am around a camera is never far away. Between Rosrtrevor and Warrenpoint we came upon a monument overlooking the Lough.

Interestingly this monument is actually to a Major General Robert Ross who fought both in Europe and in the American Civil War of Independence. His monument erected in 1826, celebrates his victory over the American forces in Baldensburg in 1814 and his entry into Washington. He is reputed to have burnt down all the public buildings including the presidential mansion, and to have eaten the president's breakfast, he having left in a hurry.

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