Is photography art or science?

The other day I came across a question posed by a local photographer who asked is photography an art or a science?

I was not sure how to answer because for me nothing else has quite the emotional pull that a photograph does and neither art or science really cover how I personally feel about photography. In this day and age were nearly everyone has a mobile phone cable capable of recording hd quality video, I still don’t feel the same emotional attachment to videos of my own children that I do to still images.

The Nikon D800 camera I mainly use is used worldwide commercially as a high end video capture tool. Televisions shows, Dexter as an example are shot using the same camera I use for my photography. I have no idea even how to even select the video facility on my camera and have no interest in finding out. 

For me personally a still image capturing a fleeting moment in time will always have more impact than a video showing the whole event. Take for example this image of me and my grandmother, I am the little guy on the right. People that know me will notice my hair hasn’t changed much since lol. One look at that image brought back things I had forgotten many years ago, memories from my childhood that were long gone forgotten. So in around about way what I am basically saying is photography is neither an art or a science it is much more than just that.

As a photographer if in 20 or 30 years time even one person looks at an photograph I took of them and it evokes similar emotions this image does for me I will be more than happy