Model portfolio shoot with Jordan

I spent yesterday in the company of the very lovely Jordan Ritchie-Smith a young up and coming model and the always brilliant to work with creative mind of Debbie McKibbin.

Yesterdays shoots theme was based around mother nature and boy did we take it to a whole different level. As usual Debbie's make up and hair was superb and after stopping to grab a couple of prep images at my studio we headed of to Hillsborough forest in Co. Down for the shoot.

As I am sure you can imagine walking around a popular destination for runners, dog walkers and families we got a few strange stares because of what Jordan was wearing. To be fair people were great about staying out of our road, apart from from one chap who produced an slr camera out of no were and grabbed a few shots himself. He then proceeded to give an iPad to his daughter to film us doing the shoot. Aggh well it's nice to have fans.

Anyway long story short unfortunately I can't show any of the images as they will be published in a fashion mag next month but here is one we uploaded to facebook shot just after we had finished the prep work and before we headed of to the shoot.