Wedding Photography | Why we shoot the details

When it comes to photographing a wedding, every little detail is important. At every wedding we photograph, we always make sure to try and photograph all of the little details of your day. This includes photographing jewellery, flowers and your little keepsakes that you are using on your wedding day.

For our couples, their wedding day can often seem to go very quickly. By making sure to photograph all of the elements of their special day, the things they may easily forget about can be enjoyed and remembered for years to come.

Top Tip for Brides

It’s always nice when we turn up at our brides getting ready address on the morning of the wedding to find all of these items set aside ready for us to photograph. While we won’t necessarily photograph them in the area you have put them, having everything bundled together makes our job easier as we are not having to spend time tracking them down.

While it’s common to have your rings, dresses, shoes and the bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets photographed we also like to include other items too. 

Mother of the bride survival kit Lisburn Wedding
Brides handbag Belfast Wedding
Invitation for a Belfast Wedding
Wedding Candle Lusty Beg Island
Lisburn Wedding Groom's buttonhole
Bracelet Belfast Wedding

While photograph’s of items like these won’t be as important to our couples as their portraits, candid’s and the normal wedding details, we know that in years to come they will be appreciated for the memories they provide.