Getting close to the action | Northern Ireland Weddings

This image was taken at one one of the weddings we photographed in Belfast last weekend. During the ceremony we feel it's important to be as unobtrusive as possible. However that doesn't mean that we will miss anything! By using a long lens for parts of the ceremony we can get the shots our Brides and Groom's love without interfering with the wedding ceremony.


These longer lenses also double up as great portrait lenses with their own unique look. While we have dedicated portrait lenses that we tend to use more often, we will occasionally use the longer lens if we are after a particular look or if we need to get a bit closer to the action. Using a longer working distance can really flatter the subject as well as helping to make distracting background elements melt away. 

This is an image we took a few years ago at the Castle Gardens in Lisburn during  a styled bridal shoot, which illustrates this well.