Wedding Insurance, Do you need it?

As professional wedding photographers in Northern Ireland insurance is a must have expense for us and we have comprehensive insurance for both public liability and for our equipment.

 Northern Ireland wedding insurance policy

Have you thought about insurance to protect your investment in your wedding though?

When we meet with couples about their wedding they often ask us about our insurance but when we ask them if they have purchased insurance for their wedding many have not been aware that the option is available.

As everyone who has ever been involved in a wedding knows costs can be high so protecting that investment is something that you might want to consider.

 wedding insurance northern ireland bride and groom

You should always check the small print but most wedding insurance companies will offer insurance against:

  • Venue cancellations or your venue going bust
  • A wedding vendor letting you down
  • You having to cancel because key people can’t make your wedding due to an accident or illness.
  • Wedding rings being stolen
  • Personal liability

Insurance can be bought 2 years in advance

If you decide to buy insurance for your wedding your insurance cover will start from the day you buy it which means that you would be covered, if for example you or a close family member developed a serious illness 6 months before your wedding and wouldn't be able to attend.

Cost of wedding insurance

Like any insurance policy the cost is based on the value of what is being covered but insurance can start from as little as around £50 depending on the level of cover you decide to choose.

The most common wedding insurance claims include:

  • Wedding dress damage
  • Losing the wedding rings
  • Wedding cars fails to turn up
  • The wedding being cancelled as the venue was double booked
  • Public liability and property damage
  • Stolen or lost wedding presents
  • Suppliers going bust
 lost wedding rings northern ireland

Should you buy wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is an additional expense and it depends on your own circumstances.  If you are  strongly considering wedding insurance talk to a financial advisor or your insurance company and make sure you understand what is on offer.  Websites like money super market etc. are always useful to get a few quotes. Always ask lots of questions about what may or may not be covered as well and read the fine print very carefully.