5 Apps that will make planning your wedding a whole lot easier

When you get married, it will be one of the happiest days of your lives but actually planning your wedding will take a lot of effort and organisational skills. Thankfully, these days there is an app for everything and wedding planning is no exception.

If you are anything like us you will spend a large part of your day messing around on your phone so instead of checking out crazy cat videos on YouTube why not spend some of that time planning your wedding with this list of useful wedding planning apps. While there are tens of thousands of wedding planning apps, these are the most recommended by couples whose wedding we have photographed.

1. Pinterest – Wedding Inspiration

Pretty much the obvious choice to start with, most people are well aware of what Pinterest can do. For those of you that do not, Pinterest is a digital scrapbooking app that you can use for bookmarking images found online. You can use it via your web browser or you can download either the iPhone or Android app depending on your preference. Use this app to pin images you find on the web for everything from wedding dresses, wedding flowers and Jewellery.

Pinterest is also one of the only wedding planning apps that photographers sometimes get concerned about. Every wedding photographer in Northern Ireland at some point has had a bride who has showed them a Pinterest board made up of wedding photographs taken in front of an epic waterfall in Iceland and been asked to recreate that at a registry office wedding in Belfast. Do not be that bride! This app should be the first one you download after you get engaged. Set up individual boards for everything you need for your wedding and use it as a reference tool for later on. For example, set up individual boards for wedding gowns, wedding bouquets and so on.

pure photo ni on pinterest

2. Appy Couple – Everything you need all in one place

This free app, which is available for both iPhone and Android, is a complete solution for keeping your guests up to date with all of the information they need for your wedding. This app will allow you to share information on travel options, accommodation and contact details for the wedding party with your guests all in the one place.  Your wedding guests can also download the app free and can read your story, book their travel and direct message you with questions all direct from the app.


3. Top Table Planner – Take the stress out of the seating arrangements

Putting together, the table plan for your wedding can be a real headache and can be even more stressful than choosing who you should to invite to your wedding. This website will do all the heavy lifting for you. Simply add in your table type, the number of seats and the names of your guests and you can move them around until you are happy. Top Table Planner can be used on a PC, Mac, tablet or a smartphone. Visit http://www.toptableplanner.com for further details.

4. Shazam – Find your first dance song

You are out for the night and a song gets played that you have not heard before and you think to yourself that would be great for our first dance song but you never quite get around to finding out the name of the song and before too long you forget all about it. While not strictly a wedding app this is where Shazam comes in. Hear a song you like and want to find out what it is called or want to add it to your music library, Shazam will do this for you and is available for both iPhone and Android. You can check out a list of our top 10 first dance songs here.



5. Wedpics – Photo sharing app for your guest’s photos

This free iPhone and Android App can be used to gather all of the photographs taken by your guests from your wedding. Those out of focus iPhone photos your Aunty Doris took when she jumped in front of us as you walked down the aisle can now all be collected, stored, and shared from one place. In truth these type of Apps can be useful. Even though you may have booked amazing wedding photographers like us to photograph your wedding, the photos your guests take can often be amusing and show you a part of the day you would otherwise have missed. For example, photos from the antics that happen late on in the evening after your wedding photographer has long since left or photographs from your guests journey to your wedding.

We also have a group on Facebook filled with wedding vendors with everything from videographers, make-up artist, hairstylists and much more check it out here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/466214243532635/

Wedding planning in 2018 is easier than it has ever been before. If you know of any other great wedding planning apps and websites, please share them with us in the comments below.