Wedding Tips: What happens if it rains?

The weather in Northern Ireland can best be described as unpredictable and even in the summer months there is always the chance that on the day you have chosen to get married there may be a little rain. Don’t panic if it does, with some planning beforehand a little bit of rain really isn’t that big of a deal.

rain on wedding day

Brides especially can get really worried about what happens if it rains. They get concerned about their dress, their shoes, their makeup, their hair and that of course is understandable. If it rains on your wedding day we will always be happy to proceed how you want too. If you are the sort of couple that is happy to just go with it and make the most of it, so are we! If you are the sort of couple that prefers to move indoors if it rains, then we are okay with that too. It’s worth pointing out though that dresses and shoes can be cleaned, make-up can be touched up, hair can be fixed, but you only have the opportunity to have your wedding photos taken once.

Don't worry about us

We are more than happy to get a little wet, all of our equipment is weather sealed and it wouldn't be the first time that one of us has held an umbrella over the other while we work.

bride arrives at church in the rain

Choosing your wedding venue

If you have chosen to have an outdoor ceremony, is there a back up plan to allow for poor weather? Many wedding venues that have the option of an outdoor ceremony will also offer you the option to choose a room to have your ceremony in just in case the weather isn't so good come the big day. To be on the safe side though, speak to your wedding venue about what options are available.

outdoor wedding ceremony northern ireland


Before the big day stock up on some matching umbrellas and wellies for the wedding party. We always bring a few umbrellas with us as well just in case.

wedding wellie boots rain

Allow extra time / Choose your location carefully

When working out your wedding timeline allow a little extra time for your portraits after the ceremony so that if there is a light rain shower you can wait it out. Where possible try and choose a location where you won't have to walk to far from your transport or that has a sheltered area where you can wait out the rain if needs must. For example we had to wait around 30 minutes for some heavy rain to ease off during this wedding a few months ago, however there was some shelter from the rain close by. There was still some light rain when we took this photograph, can you tell? We don't think so.

groom groomsmen wet wedding

Keep on smiling

Accept the weather and embrace the day, no one can change it, so don’t worry about it. Think about what really matters. It's not going to be a disaster if everything doesn't go according to plan and you do end up with some rain on your wedding day. This is about you as a couple sharing your love for each other with your family and friends and nothing including the weather can spoil that!

bride and groom rain umbrella

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