Photographing Kids at Weddings

At most weddings there will usually be at least a few kids. They can be part of the wedding party as a flower girl or page boy or sometimes they are there with their parents as guests. 

As predominantly documentary wedding photographers we love to capture natural moments as they happen. Not only with the Bride, the Groom and the guests, but with the kids as well. This requires technical know-how, patience, observation and timing is crucial. In the early part of the wedding day this allows us to build up a relationship with them which means that later on in the day they are less likely to run and hide when we try and get a few posed photos while photographing the family formals. When time allows during the getting ready part of the day we will often take the kids for a very quick photo session of their own, this also helps to put the children at ease in front of the camera.

Photographing children at weddings can sometimes be unpredictable and challenging. However, they also do amazing and fun things as well. Kids are usually great at entertaining themselves and it’s at these times that we tend to get the best shots.


When we shoot the group photographs we tend to shoot the one’s including the kids all in one go either at the beginning of the group photos (so that they aren’t standing around getting bored and frustrated while other photos are being taken) or at the end we will ask the parents to bring the little ones in for the last few photos only.

Sometimes however no matter what you do the kids won’t want to be in the group photographs. Parents, obviously, want them to be in the groups. They’ll hold on to a little one that will be squirming and twisting trying to face the wrong way or literally just run out of the photo. It can actually sometimes make for some great photos. Our take on this, is that if they don’t want to be in the group photos then it is better to let them not be. We will get plenty of photographs of them during other parts of the day, so don’t worry. 

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