The average cost of a U.K Wedding

We have just received the results from one of the largest surveys conducted on the U.K wedding industry in recent years. This is bang up to date information that has only been made available from today.

With social media and technology creeping into all of our daily lives, how U.K couples plan and budget for their wedding is evolving quicker than ever before.

● On average couples in the U.K are engaged for 20 months.

● The average U.K wedding size is 78 guests for the ceremony, 77 guests for the wedding meal and 83 guests for the evening entertainment.

● As you would expect the most popular wedding season is Summer with 49% of all U.K weddings taking place in the summer months followed by Spring at 27% and Autumn at 15%.

● The most popular month of the year to get married in the U.K is August at 18% followed by July at 16% and September at 14%. The least popular months for weddings are January at 1%, February at 3% and November at 3%. This matches up nearly exactly with our own wedding bookings for this year.

● The most popular day of the week to get married on is still a Saturday at 54%, however many couples are now choosing alternative days for their wedding due to the discounts offered by wedding venue’s. Friday’s earned 17% of the vote, Sunday’s 11% and Thursday’s 8%.


Wedding Budget Planning

A massive 39% of couples spend over and above their planned budget. Of those who overspend, most go over by 30% of the cost. 

If you are in the middle of planning your wedding be sure to download our wedding budget planner to help keep a track of your costs.

Most couples who go over their budget spend more than originally planned on food and drink for their guests, the honeymoon and the bride's wedding gown.


84% of couples make initial contact with their wedding vendors by email, we can attest to this ourselves, the vast majority of couples that contact us do so by email via the contact us section of our website. From our point of view, email contact is fine but we actually prefer when couples contact us by telephone as it's easier for us to get a sense of their personality.

88% of couples prefer email for ongoing contact with their wedding suppliers. This is a huge number. Email does have it's advantages, as there is a record of everything said there is less chance of any misunderstandings later on down the line.


72% of couples choose a wedding vendor based on recommendations from family and friends. This is also true for ourselves, the majority of our wedding bookings have came from couples who have had a family member or friend recommend us.

More and more couples are using online digital tools to find vendors and plan their wedding. According to the survey 41% of couples are using a wedding website and 29% have used online supplier directories.


The current average cost of a U.K wedding excluding the cost of the honeymoon is £26,989. The average cost of booking a wedding photographer is £1,211 which means that we are way too cheap! 

the average cost of a northern ireland wedding

Many couples are trying to find ways of keeping their costs down. 59% of ceremonies now take place at the reception venue. Hotel weddings are now very much the new normal with venues that have in house catering accounting for 70% of all U.K weddings. As mentioned above many couples are also taking advantage of the reduced rates offered by venue's for weekday weddings.

Another popular way couples are trying to reduce costs is by hiring a wedding D.J rather than a live band. The average price for a D.J is £513, booking a band has an average cost of £1411. Partly due to the cost implications 71% now choose a D.J over a band for their wedding.

The costs above may not seem affordable for many. We feel it’s worth pointing out though that your wedding is about you as a couple making a lifelong commitment to each other and enjoying the occasion with your family and friends. We have photographed plenty of weddings that have cost no were near the average costs mentioned above, those couples still had an amazing day and so did we.