As Northern Ireland wedding photographers, there are certain things that we would just love to photograph. Here they are all listed for you to have a look at, and if you happen to be doing one of these and like our work, get in touch as there may just be a little special offer for you, if you can help us cross something off our list.

Northern Ireland Wedding Photography Pure Photo N.I Bucket List


Wedding venues we would love to shoot at:

Outdoor wedding ceremony in a Forest. - How beautiful would this be?

Ceremony on the beach. - We have some amazing coastline in Northern Ireland, and occasionally we even get awesome weather.

The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney. - Done, many thanks Shauna & Lewis.

La Mon Hotel, Castlereagh – We got married here ourselves and often return to the scene of the crime but not yet as wedding photographers.- Done many thanks Lauren & Dan

Lusty Beg Island, Enniskillen. - Done, many thanks Kerry & Aaron.

Old Trafford, Manchester. - We are huge United fans and would love to do this.

Disney World, Florida. – Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and there’s water slides!

Vegas wedding, with Elvis as the officiant. - Love me tender, Love me sweet, Never let me go. You have made, my life complete and I love you so.


Wedding themes we would love to photograph:

Star Wars – The force is strong with us.

Alice in Wonderland Done, many thanks Cheryl & Adam.

Lord of the Rings – One ring to rule them all.

Comic Book / Super HeroDone, many thanks Kate & Michael.

Festival Marquee / Tipi – Just because we love these.

Bride’s and Groom’s we would love to photograph:

70+ aged couple – This is a story we would just love to tell.

Famous Singer – Sorry, but singing karaoke down the local pub doesn’t count.

Premier League Footballer – An additional fee will apply if you have ever played for Liverpool, Leeds or Man City.

Famous Comedian – Just for the giggles.

Famous Actor/Actress – No, that time you had to grow a beard so that you could be an extra in Game of Thrones doesn’t count, sorry.

Bucket List Wedding Photographer Pure Photo N.I

We are sure that in the future the list will expand as we think of new and exciting things that we would love to photograph. If you have an idea for something different and adventurous for your wedding day, please let us know.